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How Flies The Albatross

Flight Mechanics of Dynamic Soaring


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High-efficiency Electric Flight

Battery, motor-gen, power conditioning, & regeneration



Configuration Aerodynamics

Appendix: Wright Brothers Study


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German Jets: History & Aerodynamics

Excerpt Whitepaper


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Learning From the Birds

Cal Poly Pomona 2014 Outstanding Aero Engr Alum


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Peer-reviewed Technical Papers

by J. Philip Barnes


   Keplerian Orbits, Non-dimensional  Trip to the Moon      AAS

   Math Modeling of Airfoil Geometry & Aero:                       SAE    

   Gear geometry, mesh loss, & windage                            AGMA

   Semi-empirical Lifting Line Aero, 2D & 3D Wings,              SAE          

   Math Modeling of Propeller Geometry & Aero,                 SAE   

   How Flies The Albatross: Dynamic Soaring Explained       SAE  

   Flight Without Fuel: Regen. Elec. Flight Feasibility            SAE

   Regenerative Electric Flight: Rotor & Motor Synergy     AIAA

   Aircraft Energy Gain From an Atmosphere in Motion    AIAA

   Principles of High-efficiency Electric Flight                       AIAA

   Propfan, propeller, & windprop aerodynamics        AIAA


From Newton to Rayleigh:

Non-dimensional Parameters


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